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The Chowan Presidential Ceremony

Almost five years ago, a couple of days after we closed on the Flanagan House, we decided to go for a walk and see our new neighborhood. We walked up and down Main Street, and on the way back we saw the Chowan "this way sign", and decided to go check it out. We were instantly delighted, walking around the campus and marveling at the Column's Building, the bridge at the pond, and the nicely landscaped grounds. And since then I have met so many Chowan Alumni who not only stayed close, but carved a deep and meaningful life here. In many business travels throughout the area, I see many a blue Chowan Pennant hanging on the walls. Almost everyone I have met in the five years we have lived down her

Theatre and a Bed and Breakfast Stay

Come stay with us at the Flanagan House Bed and Breakfast where Hotel Amenities and Bed and Breakfast Charm meet! The Flanagan House is proud to be a part of the Gallery Theatre in Ahoskie! One of only ten remaining Vaudeville Theatres in America, the Gallery Theatre tackles some of the hardest topics in play history, and the upcoming "Crucible" is no different! So treat yourself to a night of theatre and relaxed luxury! Did you know that in 1692, around 150 people were arrested in Salem, Massachusetts and imprisoned on suspicion of being a witch? Twenty people were killed, while many more died in prison. In his 1953 play "The Crucible", Arthur Miller brought this shameful period of American

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