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Welcome Chowan University students from the Flanagan House Bed and Breakfast

For the Flanagan House Chowan's Fall in flux of returning and freshman students brings all kinds of excitement and emotions to our home and area. The phone rings off the hook with parents seeking accommodations for themselves as they plan on helping their student children get settled in their new home. Our Bed and Breakfast has been alive with parents, siblings and the students themselves as they are trying to adjust to their new home and surroundings.

The Flanagan House loves the return of our students to Murfreesboro. Summer is so quiet without them! This weekend, for example, we were lucky enough to host the families of two in coming Freshman Volleyball players, Alyssa Born and Michelle Seiler. Both girls moved here from the Midwest, Alyssa from Illinois and Michelle from Colorado, to help the Lady Hawks continue their dominance from their 2014 season under the leadership of Coach Dawn Peipher.

The Flanagan House has a special place in our hearts for Chowan and the students that attend her. We feel that they are as much a part of our home as our own family. We take pride in hosting and getting to know these families, as well as taking the time to sit with them and answer their questions about the town and university. There is always worry and concern displayed by the parents and sometimes the students themselves. We hope this relationship, that we and the town present to the families, help the parents rest a little easier knowing that their children have all of us to talk to, to go to if they need help and of course guidance if needed.

As young adults these students are teetering the line between still being children and the adulthood that lay ahead. Some may be scared of being away from home. Some may be presented with challenges they may have never faced yet in their lives. Some may be dreading the boredom that they assume a small town offers. Of course there is much more to our County than meets the eye. I often see their eyes light up when we tell them about all the things there is to do here. It may not be what they are used to, it certainly wasn't when I moved here from New Jersey, but it is no less interesting or exciting. Of course Chowan itself takes into account all these things as well and fills their students lives with fun and fellowship right out of the gate. Chowan's dedication to it's students and their families is the reason we praise them and talk about them so fondly to the families who look to us for honest advice and input.

So yes, it is Chowan Time! That means young faces around town that we need to get to know and welcome. It also means the flurry of activity that emanates from Chowan as the University and Town become one. Chowan and it's students and faculty through community outreach, sporting events, free concerts, theatre performances and the many many other ways that Chowan joins with the community, is why they are such an integral part of our way of life. So next time you see a Chowan student make sure you say hi and introduce yourself. Ask how they are and get to know them. These students who I interact with on many levels need our support and kindness to achieve what they came here to achieve, and in doing so making us proud to be a part of it all. We need them and they need us! Let's extend that infamous Hertford County friendship to the all young people who adorn our favorite campus and remember that they have our future in their hands!

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