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Have your Party or Event at T's Room at the Flanagan House

The Flanagan House Bed and Breakfast in Murfreesboro North Carolina is not your normal Bed and Breakfast! And Murfreesboro is not your normal small town! The Bed and Breakfast on Main Street, just blocks from Chowan University and the Historic District is an 1818 home that offers old world charm with a modern flair! T's Room inside the House has it's own entrance, deck and includes two dining rooms and a den! Beautifully decorated, this private Parlor which can comfortably host up to 25 people, is a perfect spot for your smaller and more intimate occasions!

Social Clubs, elopements, birthday or anniversary parties. Family get togethers, meetings or any special occasion! Treat yourself to a different kind of experience! Surprisingly affordable! Call today, and talk with your planner Teresa Flanagan for that personal touch! (252) 398- 3676

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