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Smell ya Later!

When we decided to become Innkeepers it was done for my health. It was done to give me the opportunity to still work as a productive member of our family in an environment that I was able to control. I left a company that I loved working for, a career that I had worked so hard to achieve, and other benefits that could never be matched working for myself. It had to be done for my health and quality of my life.

Sometimes as an Innkeeper it is hard to put yourself first even when it effects your health! We have a policy here at The Flanagan House (Please help us accommodate our staff and guests who are chemically sensitive to fragrances and other scented products by eliminating or minimizing their use while at The Flanagan House) that is posted on our website and is used in closing on all our email correspondence. When a guest makes a reservation online they must acknowledge that they agree to these terms. After all of this it still amazes me that 1 out of every 5 reservations breaks policy. This week we had someone stay that not only broke the policy but essential made it impossible for me to tend to my other guests or leave the kitchen area in my own home! Lucky for us the weather, though very damp and humid, allowed us to open doors, turn off the HVAC system, put on all the ceiling fans, and air purifiers to try and remove the odor left behind before our next check ins arrive. I hope that by the time my other guests arrive the house is aired out properly and the humidity level has gone done so their bed sheets are not damp!

So as you travel through your own mornings getting ready for work, shopping, or socializing take a moment to think about the amount of products you are using on your person. You might be surprised that a little really does go a long way even if you can't smell it! Your perfume or cologne is something that you may have become so accustomed to that you are probably adding more than you need to the other layers of scents (deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, lotion, and hairspray) that you just might be killing the person sitting or standing next to you. For me I could be three car lengths behind you and still smell you!

additional information on odors and migraines:

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