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Get Mad When Folks Ask You to Be Scent-Free? Here Are 8 Things to Consider!

As many of you know The Flanagan House is a scent free home. We try really hard to keep the home as free of chemical/scented smelling products as possible for my health. As many of you don't know guests actually book to stay here because I am a scent free home! So when you choose to book a reservation here please know that it is not just me you are hurting when you are behind closed doors, use your scented lotions, powders, and yes colognes/perfumes thinking I will not notice. I do notice especially when I am in there stripping the sheets from the beds or picking up the pile of towels and wash clothes. Your scented products have actually permeated the bedding through the protective mattress and pillow coverings forcing me to wear a respirator mask and thick gloves to clean up after your stay. It also costs me more time and money to make sure that the room is scent free for the next unsuspecting guest who will be staying in that room after you leave. Our website clearly states we are scent free. You have to acknowledge you have read this agreement before submitting your reservation request and I again have the conversation on the telephone with you before taking your credit card information to secure the reservation. I love what I do and I don't want to stop doing it, nor do I want to start charging people more money for not following the agreement that they knowingly and willingly acknowledged. I left a career I LOVED to open this bed and breakfast because of my health. I still need to feel like I was supporting my family along with Tim and am a productive member of society. I have attached an interesting link that I hope many of you will read with hopes that it may help you understand that I am just trying to live my best life as you are. Thank you for understanding, as it has truly been a rough week this week for me physically!

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